Good tips for built-in laptop speakers to help you extend device life while minimizing breakdowns

laptop speakers

Suddenly one day you suddenly realize why your laptop 's built-in speaker is failing so quickly. However, this can be the result of a long careless use and in order to avoid such problems in this article we would like to suggest some tips to prolong the life of the speaker while use.


Tips for speakers on laptops

First, let's go through some of the causes that cause the failure of a laptop speaker:

Need to mention first of all an inevitable cause, longevity. After a period of use, there is no device without a bit of malfunction, the computer speakers too, using a long time leads to the connection, the speaker and the finish of the product is no longer as you. This can easily lead to the speaker muting or making a lot of difficult crackling sounds.

The second comes from the subjective use of the user, during use, there is a strong collision causing components to fall off or the wire to break.

In addition, there are also software errors, maybe during the installation process, the driver conflicts with the operating system or the wrong driver causes the laptop speaker to be shy.

And the last reason is something that a lot of you encounter. Opening the volume too loud for a long time also makes the speaker louder and reduces the usage life.

How to tell if your speaker is calling for help

Tips for speakers on laptops

Realizing that the speaker is damaged, no longer usable is not too difficult for all users, as it is through their daily experience. Some signs to help you quickly detect this are as follows: The laptop's speakers lose sound, no sound, your laptop is experiencing blurring, the sound is not clear and often has very loud sound jarring. Using the process is bothered by the sometimes sound, the sound is too soft, much worse than when buying the product. 

And finally, the easiest sign can also be seen as a way for you to check the health on your home speaker is to try using an external audio device such as headphones or external speakers. Plug in the device and see how the difference will be.

Therefore, if you want the speaker to be able to use it for a long time and be durable, even during use you need to care and protect it. Here are a few tips we recommend to help you avoid some of the shy and degrading quickly:

1. Clean your speakers regularly and properly

Tips for laptop speakers

You should regularly clean the speaker unit on your laptop. Before doing that, you need to do some research to avoid using any liquid detergent that will damage the quality of the speaker. One more thing is to avoid letting them come into contact with conductive metals as it can damage the built-in magnets in the speaker.

2. Avoid strong bumps

Macbook collision

The strong impacts are the direct cause of damage to the speakers and also the hard drive, laptop screen. The ability to connect the cable between the motherboard and the speaker from the collision will be greatly reduced. This will prevent you from hearing sounds so you need to protect them from these effects. When carrying your laptop with you, you should use a shockproof bag for the best protection.

3. Do not turn on the volume

Volume macbook

Usually on a laptop there are 2 options for adjusting the volume. One is the hard button adjustment on the body and the other is in Windows Volume Control. It is worth mentioning here, if you turn on the volume at maximum, the sound quality will not improve much, as this is the weakness of the built-in speakers. Therefore, you should only set the Volume Control at 50% or 75%. At this level, you can rest assured that the built-in speaker life will last longer and the sound quality will remain stable for a long time.

4. Use headphones or external speakers when necessary

Tips for speakers on laptops

This is also an interesting option in case you want to enjoy the best sound. Using headphones and external speakers will reduce the load for the built-in speakers on the laptop, which is easy to be affected when using a lot.

Some other notes for users who love to stick decorative decals around the speaker area. This is absolutely not recommended because it will make the muffled sound not come out, so the quality of daily work, the volume drops significantly. On the other hand, this will also prevent heat loss of the machine.

Hopefully with the application of the above tips can help your device become a long-term and useful companion. Properly protecting laptop speakers helps you protect your computer better, use your computer longer and most importantly, you won't have to spend money fixing your laptop.

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