Caught in the Battle of Steem, Bittrex returned the token transferred to Hard Fork

Bittrex really did not want to participate in the battle that is currently raging in the Steem community.

Richie Lai, co-founder of U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange, posted a notice late on Wednesday saying his company would return - reluctantly, it seems - electricity money. a million-dollar dispute in the back of the Steem wallet that no one knows who controls.

After 23.6 million stolen tokens were confiscated from anti-community protesters during a hard Steem fork on Wednesday, they were quickly transferred to Bittrex by an individual (or individual). determined with the hope they will be returned to their original 64 owners - currently all non-grata persona at the blockchain project.

Controversial reserves are worth a little over $ 5 million at press time and are worth around $ 6.3 million at the time of the fork.

Lai We want the entire Steem community to be able to address legitimate concerns in a way that is considered fair by people, Mr. Lai said. In fact, we only explain the data on the blockchain and in this case, the consensus of the blockchain, no matter how it is reached, agreed that money from those 64 accounts was transferred to the account. ' community321.

We believe in the dignity of blockchain, and as an industry, we need to follow the consensus rules of blockchain without having to interfere in any of our personal opinions, he continue. If we want blockchain to succeed, we have to live by its rules.

While I was among those who were disappointed in the results, my personal feelings did not matter, Lai Lai said.

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Steem's fourth hard fork was the culmination of months of bitter fighting between supporters and the Tron Foundation. Take over Steemit - the largest application on Steem - earlier this year.

After the anti-Tron faction split up the network to create HIVE - a replica similar to Steem copied and then confiscated the tokens associated with Tron founder Justin Sun - the pro-Tron team got revenge. by forcing Steem to seize tokens belonging to previous 64 witnesses - blockchain validators - and stakeholders in creating the HIVE splinter group.

The tokens were sent to the mysterious wallet called Community321, but, as CoinDesk reported, it was almost immediately sent to the Bittrexftime platform. A transaction note states that the funds were stolen by Steem's witnesses, and asked Bittrex to respond, please return them to their original owners before the fork.

Nobody knows who made the transaction (at least publicly), but it's clearly someone from Tron prevention.

A former Steem witness, whose name was Mark Marky, was confiscated on Wednesday worth $ 46,000, telling CoinDesk that he believed that this community member - whoever they could - had traced it. access to an application and can stick to the lock associated with the Community321 wallet.

There is a service run by an original community witness named AnonSteem, which allows users to create anonymous accounts, according to Mark Marky. They had [the creator of Community321 wallet] used this service and my initial prediction was that [a community member] saved the generated keys. Then use them to send money to Bittrex to rescue them.

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In an interesting twist to the whole story, the Bittrex procedure The time to return the hacked token is to first receive proof of ownership from the victim. We must review the truth of this transfer to return this amount to the original wallet owner so long as the owner or the owner of the wallet can prove the money belongs to them, Mr. Lai Lai said in his notice.

In other words, anyone behind the Community321 wallet may have to declare themselves, at least with Bittrex. It is interesting to see who does, in the end, breaks the cover.

At the time of writing, the money has not been returned yet.

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